Jun '17

Everything You Need to Know About The Songwriting Academy

We enjoy new music here at Darling Buds Farm and we love meeting new artists. That’s why we’re always pleased to see new people signing up to The Songwriting Academy that joins us here down on the farm. There’s nothing better than welcoming old and new talent to your idyllic piece of the Kent countryside. However you might be wondered, what is The Songwriting Academy? Well here is everything you need to know about this amazing musical centre.

Founded by Martin Sutton and Simon Coulson in 2010, the Songwriting Academy now incorporates over thirty of the finest music industry experts. They offer workshops and courses to hundreds of musicians, songwriters, producers and managers, both new and experienced, from all over the world. Over a hundred students have now entered the music industry after their experiences at the Songwriting Academy. They’ve achieved publishing and record deals as well as collaborating with other songwriters and artists around the world.

The Songwriting Academy community provides support to all its members, allowing artists to network and obtain new contacts they wouldn’t be able to get from doing a university course. Their membership areas mean Songwriting Academy students are never far from industry support. Students include songwriters, singers, musicians, musical theatre writers and lyricists.
Their courses include both live and online opportunities.Their online courses include tutorials on writing songs and then getting them out to the world through marketing, advertising and getting into the main music industry. Their live courses include an exciting trip to the Andalusian mountains on a songwriting retreat. A little closer to home are the Platinum mentoring and bootcamp options!

Do you want to grow your musical talent and get out there into the music industry. Well discover everything you need to know to make it big with the Songwriting Academy. Visit their website at //thesongwritingacademy.co.uk/ and take one of their courses here on the farm. We look forward to hearing you!