Mar '16

Catherine Zeta Jones on new Darling Buds of May film “I’m up for it”

Reported in the Telegraph 4 February 2016 • 3:09pm

“Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has revealed she would be up for doing a big-screen remake of The Darling Buds of May, the television show that made her a household name.

When asked if she would consider a film adaptation of the much-loved series, Zeta-Jones told the Telegraph: “Why not? It touched people’s hearts, it was warm nostalgia. There was an innocence to that time – and it proved to be a huge success that show, as did Dad’s Army, so why not?”

“I’d be playing Ma Larkin, but I’m up for it,” she added.

Zeta-Jones is currently starring in another TV-to-film adaptation, Dad’s Army. The actress plays glamorous journalist Rose Winters, who arrives in Walmington-on-Sea to report on the Home Guard. Directed by Oliver Parker, the film is set in May 1944 as the British Allies prepare to invade occupied Europe.

Zeta-Jones, who has been based in the US for many years, said she “felt at home” while working on location here in the UK.”