Jun '17

Internet Marketing Training Courses at the Farm

Here at Darling Buds Farm we host many exciting events, courses and evenings in our idyllic piece of the Kent countryside. Internet marketing training courses held by The Internet Business School is constantly bringing visitors to the farm who want to learn about internet marketing in a quiet space, away from the hustle and bustle of London. Their …
Jun '17

Everything You Need to Know About The Songwriting Academy

We enjoy new music here at Darling Buds Farm and we love meeting new artists. That’s why we’re always pleased to see new people signing up to The Songwriting Academy that joins us here down on the farm. There’s nothing better than welcoming old and new talent to your idyllic piece of the Kent countryside. However you might be wondered, what i…
Jun '17

Choose a Darling Buds Retro and Vintage Wedding

Planning a retro and vintage wedding? If you’re looking to turn back the clock for your wedding, you’ve got lots of options to choose from. How about capturing the glamour of the 20s, 30s or 40s or even the rock and roll of the 50s? Whether you’re a huge fan of any of these decades, or you just fancy a wedding with a real difference, a retro…
May '17

The ‘Perfick’ Farm Holiday In Kent

Looking for a farm holiday? If you’re imagining a holiday with a difference, how about choosing a farm holiday in Kent? The beautiful Kent countryside has so many hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking to find a location that brings you lots of character combined with an exciting location, Darling Buds Farm could certainly …
May '17

The ‘Perfick’ Darling Buds Farm Wedding

Are you getting married and looking for a venue? If you’ve been fortunate to have become engaged, or even if you’ve had a recent proposal, now comes the exciting part. Deciding where to get married. There are so many different places for you to choose now. And if you’re looking for somewhere unique, how about choosing a barn farm wedding in …
Apr '17

Stay and Play – Songwriters Events and Accommodation at Darling Buds Farm

Every year, Darling Buds Farm opens its doors to the 'Songwriters Academy' and allows experienced and budding artists to flood onto the 35-acres of stunning countryside, as they open their eyes to some remarkable techniques and approaches that will change the way they write songs, forever! During this unique 3-day course, songwriters ar…
Mar '17

Discover Your Ideal Dog Friendly Holiday in Kent

When it comes to choosing a dog-friendly holiday,  you want to make sure everything goes swimmingly for you and your four-legged friend. From discovering the right location to finding the perfect accommodation, finding the right break for you and your furry friend can be a hassle. Well, look no further than Darling Buds Farm in Kent, the perfect …
Mar '17

The Story Behind Our Kent Oast ‘Perfick’ Cowl

The 'Perfick' Finish When the stunning Darling Buds Farm began its journey of restoration, in 2014, each historic building was carefully rebuilt with unique characteristics. Alongside the iconic Grade II listed Farm House, stands the traditional Kentish Oast House - also featured in the 'Darling Buds of May' - and at the very top of this beauti…
Nov '16


Why Not Give Someone The 'Perfick' Glamping Gift? This voucher can be used to gift your loved ones with a unique stay in a cosy Shepherd's Hut at the Darling Buds of May Farm, here in the heart of Kent's stunning countryside. A 1-night stay in a glamping style Shepherd's Hut is £70 (Sleeps 2) Each voucher is numbered and linked to…