Mar '17

The Story Behind Our Kent Oast ‘Perfick’ Cowl

The ‘Perfick’ Finish


When the stunning Darling Buds Farm began its journey of restoration, in 2014, each historic building was carefully rebuilt with unique characteristics.

Alongside the iconic Grade II listed Farm House, stands the traditional Kentish Oast House – also featured in the ‘Darling Buds of May’ – and at the very top of this beautifully restored building, stands a very proud cowl.


Created by the fourth family generation at – the team specialises in maintenance, repair and construction of Oast cowls.

Since the family business started in 1937, Dude and Arnette has restored hundreds of cowls around the UK, including the famous Hop Farm Family Park in Kent. So wherever you live in the UK, if you have a building with an Oast Cowl, then it’s almost certain that it will have been serviced by one of their family at some point in its life.


Despite Dude and Arnette’s keen sense of tradition, they are a very modern business, and the majority of their clientele are homeowners who love living in converted oast buildings.

Just like our very own Oast House, these buildings remain a wonderful part of British heritage and Dude and Arnette are committed to making sure that they are here for generations to come!