Jun '17

Internet Marketing Training Courses at the Farm

Here at Darling Buds Farm we host many exciting events, courses and evenings in our idyllic piece of the Kent countryside. Internet marketing training courses held by The Internet Business School is constantly bringing visitors to the farm who want to learn about internet marketing in a quiet space, away from the hustle and bustle of London. Their courses are truly fantastic opportunities not to be missed by anyone who dreams of making money in this digital age.

Who are the Internet Business School?

Simon Coulson, successful online entrepreneur, founded the Internet Business School in 2007. Since then the Internet Business School has aimed to teach internet marketing training courses to entrepreneurs and small business owners everything they need to know about  running a business online. They’ve been gathering like-minded entrepreneurs for unmissable learning experiences here down on the farm.

Here they get to see not only what happens when you make your fortune online by seeing where Simon lives, but also discover the secrets to their own future successes in the beauty of the Kent countryside. They can also get a free copy of Simon’s book, an Amazon best-seller on becoming an ‘interpreneur’!


What do they do?

The Internet Business School provides courses, tutorials and officially-recognised diplomas for beginners and business owners alike. If you’re dreaming of leaving leaving the nine-to-five rush. If you want the flexibility to work when and where you want, then the Internet Business School is perfect for setting you off down the road to financial freedom. Do you want to grow a business you already have? Perhaps you want to expand your customer base to the millions of people who shop and browse online everyday? Well you can find everything you need to know about setting up shop, promoting and advertising online with the Internet Business School.

They cater for every stage of owning an online business, having trained thousands of entrepreneurs and helped them create many successful online businesses. Their expertise has been recognised when they were accredited by the NCFE to provide Level 3 and 4 accredited diplomas, making them nationally-recognised industry experts.

Their courses cover everything you need to know to run a business online and all the support you need along the way. From finding your initial ideas and setting yourself up a website, through to promoting your business online through SEO and advertising. The Internet Business School provides tutorials to get people started on social media and how they make use of various social platforms for their businesses. They even offer live courses where you can start, set up and get your new business running in only a day. In this fast online age, they are an essential resource for entrepreneurs and business-owners alike.

What do they run at the farm?

The Internet Business School often travels round the UK with its courses, but they always return to Darling Buds Farm to run their biggest and most successful events. We’re proud to host a number of their events, from three day marketing diplomas to one day training courses. We’ve had experts on everything from accountancy to web design presenting in our meeting space. With beautiful country views and luxurious accommodation, our guests love staying in the tranquil surroundings of the farm after such an intense day of learning!  Enjoy a hearty cooked breakfast before going off to sculpt your future. Nothing can beat learning here on the farm!


Are you a business owner or a budding entrepreneur? Well what are you waiting for?  Visit the Internet Business School at www.internetbusinessschool.com or call the office on 01233 226222 and we’ll be happy to give you more details.