Take a step back in time and come and stay at Darling Buds Farm, the scene of the internationally famous 90’s TV series (based on the books by H E Bates) which introduced the world to the Larkins, the family that everyone wished they could be a part of. Millions of us booked a date every Sunday night, in front of the television, to share the adventures and lovable roguish exploits of Pop and Ma Larkin and their family, played out in some the most idyllic Kentish countryside. Set in the heart of Kent’s countryside and about 6 miles from Ashford. Darling Buds Farm offers bed and breakfast accommodation in beautiful surroundings. With it’s instantly impressive and newly refurbished buildings. Darling Buds Farm is a haven for peace and tranquility. The Farm consists of a superb courtyard of buildings, including a Grade II listed farmhouse. This is the original farm house filmed in Darling Buds of May. We have a classic kentish Oasthouse and a Tudor Oak framed barn, where Breakfast will be survived. In addition the farm also offers amazing walks with and around the grounds. We have over 35 acres to explore! Perfect for you canine companions. We also have a number of ponds with ducks and geese.

Holiday Accommodation Kent